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Let's talk Facebook Ads- Pt. 2 Get More Website Visitors!

The good news about creating an ad after you have already created an ad is that all the work you did on your last ad to build an audience that is customized to who you are trying to reach was not done in vain. This time around all you have to do is build your description, pick your photos, make your headline, choose your button, select your pre-made audience, and set your daily budget.

For your description I recommend a catchy, short few sentences that illustrates what your company does, but is not too much to read.

For your photos, the first one should be your logo, another could be a group photo of your employees, and a third should be you or someone working. Whether that is hammering a nail into a house, or sitting behind a computer, it should reflect what your company does.

Your headline really should just be your company's name. That way people see it and can easily find what company's ad they are looking at.

For the button, that really depends on what you are looking for. if you are just hoping to get more people to find your website, I recommend using Learn More. This button gets people excited to see what more there is to learn from your website.

For the audience, I recommend using your pre-made audience; tweak it a little where it needs, but for the most part it should be the same if it worked for you the last time.

As with the last post, I recommend running your ad for 20-30 days. From there you can decide how much you want to pay per day. The minimum is $1.00 per day, but I recommend at least paying $2.00 a day. The way Facebook's algorithm is built, the more you pay the more people see your ad. So I recommend setting a monthly budget and sticking to it!

From there you just have to press submit!

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