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Let's talk Facebook Ads- Pt. 1 Leads!

Perhaps the best double edged sword of our generation is the infamous Facebook Algorithm. It can hide your posts at times, and at others it puts them at the top of the page. With ads; however, the algorithm can help them be seen by the right people as long as your ad is configured correctly.

For this post I am going to walk you through an ad that is used for leads generation. When you open Facebook Ad Center, select the "Get More Leads" button. Once that is opened, select create a new form and go ahead and name that form.

From there, fill out the initial page, deciding if you would like to ask for their phone number, email, or both. You can then configure any other questions you would like to ask by clicking on the see more button. However, unless your business has to know that information right off the bat, I would suggest making your ad as least intrusive to the customer as possible. The easier it is to fill out the form, the more likely a customer will fill it out. There is an option for a short answer question; however, as with the other buttons, only use this one if you have to.

Once all that is filled out, click on the next button to customize how your ad looks. At the top, is the description tab. Use this to create a brief description of your business and why people should choose it.

Below the description tab is the image, or video option. I recommend a video because it will catch customer's attention and naturally draw them to your ad. Make sure your video is elegant, but also inspiring. You want people to feel enthusiastic about your ad. IF you decide to use a photo, make sure your photo has bright colors that will attract customer's eyes.

Below that option is the Headline and the Button Label options. The headline should be your company name. And the button should be whichever one works best for your ad. If you are looking for leads, I recommend the Learn More option.

Finally we get to where the Facebook Algorithm comes into play: the Audience tab. Here you are able to customize exactly who sees your ad. As you walk through the tab, make sure to pay close attention to each category and each option in that category. The more options you select that are configured to your audience, the more people will see your ad.

The Duration tab below the audience is pretty self explanatory, but there are still some nuances to it. I recommend running your ad for at least 14 days. The higher your total budget the more exposure your ad will receive. However, you do not have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to make your ad seen. Look more at the estimated people reached verses the estimated leads generated.

Once you set your budget, and you have reviewed your ad, put in your payment details, and hit Promote Now!

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