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Meet our Founder, John Rawson

John is the Founder and President of Conquest Summit Consulting.

He started the company his senior year at Colorado Christian University. Studying Business Administration, Marketing, and Psychology gave him a keen understanding of how both individuals, and business's operate. 

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John's Bio

John always had an entrepreneurial mind, his freshman year of college he and three other students built a business plan to present to their Business 101 class. After receiving top marks for their presentation, John was all set to take their plan and make it a reality. Unfortunately, no one else in the group was interested in starting a business at that time.

Sophomore and junior year were all about psychology for John. He took every required course, and as many elective courses as he possibly could. Everything from classes on shame, to grief, to leadership, as well as trauma. All of these courses gave John an incredible understanding of human nature. This has been a huge part of Conquest Summit because it enabled him to help clients understand how to make their online presence as relatable and profession as they can. 

Senior year rolled around for John in the fall of 2020. Right in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Even though everything in the world was going against him, he still persevered and created Conquest Summit Consulting. 

The long term goal of Conquest Summit, is to help college students learn real world marketing skills in a professional environment. John's dream is to have students create posts and run social media for the clients. However, because they are still in school, have managers oversee multiple student's work and approve it before it gets published. The idea for this came after John was beat out for a marketing job his junior year by someone more qualified. He realized that it was hard to find companies who would take someone with little to no real world experience. So, he set out to change that, and thus Conquest Summit Consulting was born. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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